Comments on: Uniqlo not as different as its workers thought it would be How to make, save and spend money in Japan. Wed, 18 Feb 2015 03:29:48 +0000 hourly 1 By: Hamilton Naidas Mon, 11 Mar 2013 00:20:49 +0000 First of all I think this a good article. In this case, a consumer’s aim to understand what they are purchasing takes a back seat to flashy seasonal fasion that looks great and cost less.

Second, I feel that Fast Retailing Co. should not sue Toyo Keizai but buy and settle to sell the remainder of the books at their outlet stores for a discount. No one or no company makes progress on a large scale with out creating waves. Even I have come to the acceptance that all my Uniqlo items in my closet are made in China and Vietnam and not in Japan. This should spark interest in a “follow the leader” style and “get in to fit in” and have a few “Made in Japan” items in the FRC line up.

Third, I see people being employed. You’re right, I can not distinguish management and staff because they seem to be high on coffee, eyes focused on displays, one ear for the customer and the other with some sort of micro communication like a cool secret agent. People get hired, fired, quit, and burned out. FRC’s for employment practices should reflect its financial health and strength. A dollar spent to advance labor practices and create a better quality of life for employees will add longer life to the company and less employee turnover.

Lets face it, LCCF low cost cool fashion to fit the needs of the current economic climate just fits right now. FRC has a stong following from old to young. 80 year olds wearing puffy coats, teens wearing what is in this season, and style for children…no wonder employees are working themselves to death. FRC needs to prepare for what’s next after the TPP talks and offer a sort of “Free leave” to employees or a physical pat on the back for the millions of bucks being made on their backs.
Hammichan- Japan