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Seven-burger army

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Does this look appetizing?

Does this look appetizing?

Lots of jokes on the Internet about Burger King’s PR stunt with Microsoft to promote the launch of the latter’s Windows 7 OS last week. For seven days starting Oct. 22 the first 30 people who order one at any Burger King Japan outlet (all 15 of ’em!) can have a “Windows 7 Whopper,” containing seven beef patties, for only ¥777. After that, you have to pay ¥1,450.

According to a wide show report I saw yesterday, this one sandwich adds up to 2,100 calories, which is more than you need in one day. Three guests on the show were presented with the stacked goods and none seemed too pleased to have to eat it — they needed knives and forks, in fact.

In food-happy Japan, the campaign itself doesn’t sound so surprising. What is surprising is that, according to the reporter on the wide show, most of the takers are women. Maybe I’m out of touch lately, but burgers for breakfast (how else are you going to take advantage of the ¥777 deal?) sounds like a guy thing to me. Maybe these women are taking the burgers home and making seven separate sandwiches to freeze for later? Japanese women love to save money.


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