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  1. Anthony
    Oct 28 - 1:46 pm

    I am sure you can go shorter distances for more money.
    For example, in Sakai, Osaka, to go from Sakai Higashi to Komyoike, a distance of just 15km… it costs 480yen… that’s over 30 yen per KM..
    of course, one part of that journey is on a completly private rail line…

    Or, you could travel the 22.4 km from Izumi-Otsu to Kansai airport for a mouth-watering 650 yen! Which also works out to close enough to 30 yen per KM… On a train that is regularly taken by many everyday!

  2. Nagoya
    Nov 04 - 10:05 am

    Please do more research before posting something like “The most expensive railway in Japan”. Anthony has given some examples, and also please look at the Hokushin Kyuko, also a third-sector-railway, in Kobe. It is only 7.5 km long and connects the networks of Kobe City Subway and Kobe Dentetsu. Fare for a single ride is 350 Yen (used to be 430 Yen until 1999), so that makes a staggering 46 Yen per kilometer.

  3. Philip
    Nov 04 - 2:46 pm

    Yes, more research was called for. People who have a stake in the Hokuso Railway issue tend to refer to it as the most expensive train line in Japan, but apparently it has more to do with political hyperbole than anything else. Saying “Nippon-ichi” is guaranteed to attract attention.

  4. Maki
    Mar 14 - 7:25 pm

    I live on this line! On the Wekipedia, Hokuso-line is declared as the most expensive line.

    I go to Ginza once a week to take French class and my train fare is 2400 yen round trip. You can buy two nice turtle necks at Uniqlo! My husband and I go see a move, boon it will cost us like 10,000 yen. It is brutal.

    Since Narita Sky Access will start the service July 17th this year, they decided to give 5% reduction in fare. I hope lots more people will live along this line.

    It is quiet and lots of nature and we love it!

  5. micky2be
    Mar 14 - 10:43 pm

    Well Hokuso IS the Most expensive. Research should be done on your side guys.
    Sure for the full ride it cost “only” ¥27 per kilometer. But if you go from “Shiroi” to “Chiba New Town” it will cost you ¥370 for only 6km, wich mean ¥61 per kilometer.

    I live on the Hokuso line, and my “teiki” is more then ¥40,000 per month.

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