Comments on: Higher electric bills on horizon to pay for solar How to make, save and spend money in Japan. Wed, 18 Feb 2015 03:29:48 +0000 hourly 1 By: John Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:36:46 +0000 We have solar panels in Tokyo & it is working out great. We use LEDs everywhere & set the timers on the washing machine, etc, so they all run overnight. We sell most of the power that we generate in the day & then buy it back for less at night time. At the current rate of return the panels will have paid for themselves in 5 years, then everything else will be gravy. The house is all-denka, and they pay us money pretty much every month. Forget the CO2, it just makes economic sense if you own a place where you can do it.

By: Philip Brasor & Masako Tsubuku Mon, 30 Jan 2012 09:36:10 +0000 At present, regional power companies pay ¥48 per kWh for surplus solar electricity of less than 10 kilowatts and ¥24 per kWh for more than 10 kilowatts.

Solar panels only generate electricity when the sun is out, so surplus power is only fed into the grid during daylight hours, meaning that the panels are producing more electricity than you need at the moment. It is not cumulative. That could change with the implementation of a smart grid system, but that’s still a ways down the road.

By: David Mon, 30 Jan 2012 06:32:59 +0000 Dear Philip and Masako,

Thanks for this article but I wonder if I can have you confirm one thing. The rates that the power companies must pay for surplus energy is obviously greater than the value of the surplus energy itself, hence the need for taiyoko sokushin fukakin to offset the loss for the power company. Do you have any idea what the rate power companies will pay for surplus energy will be? Or how much the average solar panel owner of a single family house might save on their energy costs in a month/year?

Do you know if I have solar panels installed on my house if it would cover all my energy needs? I assume not because it seems if it did, a lot more people would do it. Following that thought, if the energy from my solar panels does not cover all my energy needs, how would I have any surplus for sale at the end of the month? To go even one step further, if the rate I get paid for my surplus energy is greater than the rate I would pay the power company normally for energy, why don’t I just sell all my energy generated from my solar panels back to the power company as surplus energy?

Hope that all makes sense. I appreciate any consideration you can give to my questions and I love your sites. I just bought a house in Makuhari and I read and continue to read your articles with great interest.

Thank you so much,