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if Yucho Ginko (Yuko?) does grow it will have to come out of the private banks because Japan’s demographics control all now.

There were ~30M people aged 20-39 in 2012. This number was in the ~35M range from the latter half of the Showa era through 2006. In 2022 this population will be ~25M and in 2032 (down ~15%) it will be down to 23M (down ~25% from now).

Apologies for spamming your comment section with this topic but I do find it more than fascinating in that every discussion about Japan has to incorporate this change in reality.

It’s just as if the sun was rising in the west now.


“As of March 31 last year [2009], 74 per cent of the postal bank and postal insurer’s combined assets of Y303 trillion (that’s right, $3480 billion) were held in Japan government bonds (JGBs) and another 4 per cent in local government bonds.”

~80% of Japan’s postal savings are in government debt issues. Will Japan’s savers get their money via BOJ printing, MOF taxing, borrowing from China, or some combination of the three?

Or not at all? I’m still trying to figure out how it was fair for Japan’s baby boom to be so undertaxed 1995-now, allowing them to “save” for retirement, only to stick the bill to the next generation(s) to pay off.

What a mess. If I were King, I’d rather have the US’s problems than Japan’s to solve, but absent autocratic powers, I think Japan’s are less intractable. Maybe.