Yen for Living is about making, spending and saving money in Japan.

Much is made about the difference in circumstances between Japanese nationals and non-Japanese residents, but we all live with the same economic conditions. For the most part we buy the same products, rent the same apartments, purchase the same houses, pay the same taxes, take out the same loans, and make the same investments. However, we don’t necessarily have the same access to information regarding these matters.

Yen for Living endeavors to bridge this gap by sharing up-to-the-minute news and views in English related to everyday living in one of the world’s biggest economies. Though we’ll try as hard as we can to offer information that is useful, our main aim is to spur discussion about what it’s like to make, spend, and save money in Japan.

Yen for Living is produced by Philip Brasor, a freelance writer-for-hire, and Masako Tsubuku, a freelance translator and interpreter. They are currently working together on a book about Japanese housing that will probably never be finished. In the meantime they have their own blog on the subject: Cat Foreheads & Rabbit Hutches.

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