Warning: This viral video of high school girls might make you blush

October 21st, 2015 by Tom Hanaway

Cosmetic company Shiseido has recently uploaded a YouTube video that is blowing viewers’ minds with a bona fide twist.

In the promo video, titled “High School Girl? — The Makeup Secrets of High School Girls,” the camera weaves through a classroom full of drop-dead cute young women who pout and wink like true pop idols. But everything is not as it seems.

The camera zooms in on the page of a book that one girl is reading. The small text reads “Did you notice the boys in this classroom?” As the camera backs out of the room, the viewer realizes that — SPOILER ALERT — they’re all dudes.

The big gender-flipping reveal highlights the transformative properties of Shiseido’s makeup, which give you the tools to be whatever you want to be (granted, having veteran hair & makeup artists helps).

Whether this invokes deeper commentary on herbivore men or gender fluidity or whatever, the bottom line is Shiseido has struck viral-video gold.

[This behind-the-scenes video shows how the makeup specialists pulled it off.]

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One Response

  1. Shiseido have always challenged the gender myth in Japan. Whether it is through choosing strong female role models in their advertising or through women breaking the social expectations.

    While this may be a comment on the herbivore movement, I think it is also doing a lot more. It highlights both the blatant objectification of young women in Japan as it challenges the viewers own sexuality (as the young males are unveiled).

    Clever way to make a strong social comment as well as to sell what is indeed a very good product.


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