Tokyo Designers Week 2011

November 10th, 2011 by Pulse People

Here’s a selection of what blipped on our radar at Tokyo Designers Week 2001, a multi-ring circus of design innovation. This year the organizers put an emphasis on Tohoku reconstruction, the environment, food and loooove.  And as in past years, the student work was just as eye-catching as that from professionals.

From amateur endeavors to corporate PR, from high art to crass commercialism, from sleek motocycle prototypes to dried squid light shades, the annual event literally offered something for everyone.

Photos by Mio Yamada

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  1. The lacquerware is georgeous, and I love the handi-glass. But the reconstructed chairs? Why? …collecting dust in someone’s display? Cause no one will be sitting on such uncomfortable looking things.


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