Today’s J-blip: Gari Gari Kun corn soup ice pop sold out in three days

September 10th, 2012 by Felicity Hughes

From horsemeat-flavored ice cream to tomato-flavored chocolate, the Japanese have amazed the world with their  appetite for weird and wonderful confectionery. Frozen soup on a stick is the latest novelty product to hit the jackpot in Japan’s convenience stores. According to Rocket News, within just three days of being released on Sept. 4, stocks of Gari Gari Kun Rich Corn Soup Flavor popsicles have completely sold out, forcing the company to announce that sales will be suspended for a short while. J-Cast points out that there was a huge amount of pre-launch buzz on the web by consumers eager to find out what this new frozen treat might taste like. Twitter has been abuzz with positive reviews like, “It’s surprisingly tasty.” Not convinced? We can’t guarantee that it’s delicious, but the video above proves that at the very least, it’s inspiring some creativity.

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  1. It’s no so unexpected as you think. When making cream corn croquettes, one handy method is to make the bechamel sauce with the corn and then freeze it in an ice tray as that way it’s much easier to get the breadcrumbs on since it’s solid when handling. I’ve eaten these from time to time when cooking, not sure how this more icy one tastes..

    This video below at least spares me from having to watch yet another over frantic YouTube presenter on the subject:


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