New strapless facemask may ruffle a few feathers

September 11th, 2009 by Jason Jenkins

main_facesealA common sight on subways every allergy season, face masks aren’t anything new in Japan, but just like the SARS virus and H1N1 influenza strain that create the global demand, the sale and styles of surgical masks continue to proliferate and diversify.

The latest version of the face protector (via Shibuya246) is the Viramask by Earth Pharmaceutical.  This beak-like design adheres directly to the face, so there are no elastic straps to go around the head or ears. This also means no air leaking in from the sides for a more assured protection from any and all kinds of airborne cooties.

At over ¥900 yen a pop, this kind of protection doesn’t come cheap, but the cost is offset by the joy you will give your friends and coworkers as they devise new ways to tease your new duck-like appearance:

  • Addressing you in Donald’s voice.
  • Leaving breadcrumbs on your desk.
  • Shouting “AFLAC!” every time you walk by.

Bonus: More excellent face mask fashions, and my favorite face mask-related article, from the fantastically dubious Weekly World News.

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2 Responses

  1. Guys….that mask is not Japanese. Did you look at the maker’s website? Heck, just google “viramask”!

  2. Hi KC. Yes, we know that the mask is not a Japanese product. But the product has a special relevance in Japan. That’s why I mentioned it here. Thanks for the heads up anyway!


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