J-blip: Google Street View Cherry Blossom Edition

March 27th, 2013 by Shinjin Ono

Google Street View

People come from all over the world to get a short glimpse of Japan’s blooming cherry blossoms. Google is taking advantage of this worldwide sakura passion to show off their virtual-tour map feature with Street View Sakura Edition, which shows cherry blossom scenes not only in normal pictures but also as 360-degree panoramas. It’s actually more like Path View, as in most of the scenes you can navigate off the main roads.

While you don’t get to see petals actually scattering to the ground, it’s always warm and sunny on Street View, even as clouds and rain are subduing some of the peak viewing days in the real world this spring. The Blossom Edition features sites from Kyushu all the way up to Aomori, including about 50 different spots, and gives information such as the number of cherry blossom trees, the area they cover and, in some cases, the history of the locations. Even someone in Japan wouldn’t be likely to have the luxury of seeing all these locations without this technology.

If you are in Japan and looking for spots to look at the blossoms, check out our post on hanami technology. But hurry! The blossoms came out ahead of schedule this year and won’t last long. For more virtual cherry blossom viewing, check out our page of reader  cherry blossom photos and hanami experiences from last year.

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  1. This is an amazing place that I always want to go. A cherry blossom is one of my favorite flowers in the spring time. I always want to go to a place that has cherry blossom along the side walk like this one on the picture. The light pink color on the blossom never tired to look at. This is a great place to walk to release all the stress and just let myself relax and enjoy with the peaceful place like cherry blossom. Especially with the water along with cherry blossom give a peaceful and relaxation feeling. The blossoms not just show off in the air but also show in the water reflection. I wonder if these trees are edible cherry or ornamental cherry.


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